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Sweet SARA

Sweet SARA ❤️👼👨‍👩‍👧 There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million. Sara just started to discover them with her sweet eyes, embraced by her parents. 😍  

Save the Date Gabi&Sorin

Fotografii Save the Date Gabi&Sorin It was just us in the shades of the autumn sunset. Not seen by anyone, we hold tight in our arms and around us was silence. While we were embraced, your heart was the only one i heard. There was a light in your eyes floating among the leaves of [...]

Botez Alexandru Andrei

Fotografii Botez Alexandru Andrei Stii ce inseamna sa fii copil? Inseamna sa crezi in dragoste, sa crezi in frumusete, sa crezi in credinta. Inseamna sa fii atat de mic incat spiridusii sa ajunga sa-ti sopteasca la ureche. :) Bine ai venit in familie! Sa fii sanatos si norocos, iar pe parinti sa-i faci bucurosi si [...]

Botez Sara Elena

Fotografii Botez Sara Elena Sara Elena, un ghemotoc de iubire si dragalasenie, un îngeraș, o mogâldeață, un smotocel.. Cu acest botez tocmai a inceput calatoria ta prin viata! Fie ca bunul Dumnezeu sa-ti arate calea cea mai buna. Drum bun! :)